Feminist Ecological Economics Listserve

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An email distribution list exists to facilitate dialogue about feminist ecological economics: feminist economic models, based on collective processes and the centrality of people's homes and communities to their ways of life, which adopt basic principles of ecological economics, such as recognition of the economy's limitation by environmental constraints, and the need to value services and goods often regarded as "externalities" - including environmental services, child-rearing, and household work. Other ways of defining feminist ecological economics involve recognition that the economy starts at home, where most of the work is done for free.

Without homes and communities, grounded in ecological support systems, there would be no economy. A sustainable society must recognize and respect the needs of the people and ecosystems which provide its foundation. An economic vision which goes far beyond money-based valuation and markets - one which speaks of "provisioning", not just production, consumption and distribution - is powerful and compelling as an economic paradigm for the 21 st century. …