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Not Intended For Torture

I enjoyed your February issue and Mischa Gaus' "Interrogations Behind Barbed Wire." I especially appreciated the perspective that the military did not, over time, support these practices as they occur at places like Guantánamo.

Over the past several years, I have been responsible for the development of SERE 222, the course used to train and certify SERE psychologists. During that time I met and worked with many of the psychologists and administrators of that program. I rarely found that they had any particular interest in using these techniques for the interrogation of enemy combatants.

Instead, they focused on working with victims of the practice and preparing Americans who might become the victims of these practices. SERE 222 is a non-classified course and only provides information regarding the practice of psychologists in this area.

Terry Thompson

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Shame of the Nation

I felt I had to write to you in the middle of reading your three recent articles on Guantánamo. I am totally opposed to closing Guantánamo unless every one of its inmates is freed. Because I am sure that, if the camp were closed without this condition, those detainees would just disappear into other black holes, suffering the same, or even worse, tortures.

Yes, Gitmo is the shame of the United States, and the world is helpless to do anything about it because the United States is the bestarmed bully on earth. At least the rest of us see it... let it be a warning to us.

Evemarie Moore


Us vs. Hem?

I thank Joel Bliefuss for giving us "ze" and "hir" in "A Politically Correct Lexicon" (February). That takes care of the nominative and possessive cases, but what about the objective and accusative?

I seem to remember that some pacifists floated "hem" a while back for a non-sexist pronoun to use as the object of verbs and prepositions. I remain in grammatical solidarity,

Sam Abrams

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