Tailored Resources for You

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Find Tailored Resources Through NAFSA Professional Networks Year-Round

SO, YOU'RE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR NEW IDEAS, practice resources, relevant training and events, and the latest news about your particular professional area? NAFSA is committed to assisting your professional development. Networking, information sharing, print literature, Web-based resources, and leadership opportunities are all available to you through NAFSAs knowledge communities and their associated networks.

Each of NAFSAs five member-led Knowledge Communities (KCs) help international educators build their expertise by developing workshops, seminars, books, brochures, white papers, and Web resources. The five KCs are: Education Abroad (EA), International Education Leadership (IEL), International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), Recruitment, Admissions, and Preparation (RAP), and Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS).

During the annual conference, KC receptions and update meetings and numerous KC-related sessions will provide you with opportunities to get to know your peers and learn about key issues affecting your specific field(s). Check your Conference Program for times and places.

Beyond the conference, KC-managed networks facilitate online networking and information sharing. By participating in NAFSA professional networks, you have access to NAFSAi expansive knowledge base-its services, programs, publications, and members.

Multiple Needs? Join All the Networks You Want

Most professionals' needs and interests span a number of networks. Join as many networks as your work requires. There is no cost for joining one or more networks.

If you are based inside or outside the United States and advise or support U. …