Book Reviews and Introduction of the Latest Chronicles Online Journal Articles

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MILITARY PROFESSIONALS need to keep up with the latest literature on national defense, but reading time is scarce. Nobody has time to examine every new book, so Air and Space Power Journal (ASPJ) book reviews help readers set priorities. Each ASPJ issue contains reviews of recent books about national security, strategy, air and space operations, military history, and related topics. Even if readers choose not to peruse one of our featured books, the review succinctly conveys its significance and salient features. Reviews summarize books, analyze them, evaluate their quality, and compare them to similar studies. If a book delivers less than it promises, the review will say so. Each issue of ASPJ includes a list of book reviews in the table of contents, and our Web site offers a cumulative list at airchronicles/bookmain.html.

The people who write our book reviews earn significant perks. First, reading and writing contribute to professional development. second, reviewers can build their professional libraries because they get to keep the publisher's review copy that we send them. (see http:// bookrev/listing.pdf for a list of books currendy available for review.) We do accept multiple reviews of the same book, but we have only a limited number of free copies to offer. Lastly, reviewers need not limit themselves to our list of available books. We happily accept reviews of any work that would interest our audience. Please check the ASPJ Web site to see if we have already published a review of the book you're interested in writing about.

Most of our reviews deal with books written in English, but ASPJ also welcomes critiques of Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, or French publications-and reviewers can write in any of those languages since we have the capability to translate. As the US Air Force increases its study of other languages and cultures, Airmen can profit from the perspective of works written in languages other than English. …