Klein Announces Winners of 2007 Sexual Intelligence Awards

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This article originally appeared in Sexual Intelligence. We are reprinting the article with the permission of publisher Marty Klein, PhD.

Sexual Intelligence (www.sexualintelligence. org) is an electronic newsletter focusing on culture, politics, and the media - all from a sexological perspective. Now beginning its eighth year, it goes to 5,000 subscribers every month at no charge.

And each year, it celebrates people and institutions which challenge the sexual fear, unrealistic expectations and government hypocrisy that undermine love, sex and relationships - and political freedom.

Past recipients have included novelist Philip Roth, musician Candye Kane, sex educators Bill Taverner and Susie Wilson, Eli Coleman, Congressman Henry Waxman and Catholics For A Free Choice. As announced by publisher Marty Klein, this year's recipients of Sexual Intelligence Awards are equally deserving.

Religious Institute for Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing

Comedian Alan King used to say that if you want to talk about sex and you want to talk about marriage, you need to have two conversations. Some people feel that way about sex and religion: that they require two separate conversations.

The Religious Institute, founded in 2001, challenges that belief by advocating for sexual health, education and justice in faith communities. As we said in 2002, "their founding declaration is a gorgeous document that affirms that sexuality is a life-fulfilling, divine gift."

The Religious Institute provides education and training for clergy and congregations, and their staff (led by Director Reverend Debra Haffner) regularly appears on major media outlets such as National Public Radio. Their message is consistent: faith requires justice and justice requires sexual justice.

The Religious Institute issues periodic Open Letters, which creatively define how faith communities can address issues of the day about which there is conflict. They've done these about sex education, abortion and other topics, most recently adolescent sexuality.

Most importantly, they take back sex from the more conservative, sex-phobic wing of the religious community. They're developing a network of religious leaders committed to sexual justice and they're helping to create sexually healthy congregations. They help men and women conceptualize sexuality in harmony with faith values - stressing godliness, compassion, truth, integrity and moral decision-making. By encouraging people of faith to speak out progressively on sexual issues as people of faith, the Religious Institute is bringing sexual intelligence and healing to our world.

Robert Francoeur and Ray Noonan, Encyclopedia editors

Imagine an encyclopedia of sex. An international encyclopedia of sex. Imagine all the work it would require to create it.

Now imagine that the people who did that have given it away for free. That's what editors Robert Francoeur, PhD, and Ray Noonan, PhD, have done. Honorable mention goes to Continuum International Publishing Group, which granted the free access license, and the Kinsey Institute, which provides the institutional home for the massive project.

You can, of course, buy your own copy. But now everyone can use it, free, online at wwwkinsey institute.org/ccies. You get 200 contributors, countries from A to Z, and new ideas about what people do sexually, why and how it fits into their unique culture.

This award honors all the hardworking contributors, of course. But the real heroes, delivering the original 3-pound book and supervising its transformation and revisions, are Francoeur, author of 22 books and editor-in-chief of "The Complete Dictionary of Sexology," and Noonan, sexuality professor and web editor of SexQuest. When it comes to sexual intelligence, you could say they wrote the book.

Raymond Lawrence Jr., Pastoral supervisor and historian

Reverend Lawrence has spent a very long career involved in church affairs. …