Users Laud Tha's 'One-Stop Shopping'

Article excerpt

"One stop shopping, especially from a trusted source, saves a great deal of time and effort," said Alien Glicksman, director of research and evaluation at the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA).

"My plan is to make all of our users aware of this data and encourage them to use it," stated Cindy Nissen, manager of Senior LEFEsteps and clinical consultant to Alliance Pharmacy Services at the Health Resources Alliance based in Oak Brook, Ill.

These and other professionals in health and aging are praising the Trends in Health and Aging (THA) website from the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as an effective new tool for social researchers, practitioners, administrators, teachers, students, service providers and policymakers.

When the University of South Florida's (USF) Bellinda Kallimanis used THA last year, she needed tables showing changes in the prevalence of AIzheimer's disease and was able to adapt the information from the site's prevalence tables for different chronic conditions. "I found it easy to export the tables that I had broken down by gender, race or age to my stats package and create more complex bar charts than are provided by the website," said Kallimanis, who coordinates statistical research at USF's Louis de la Parte Honda Mental Health Institute in the Department of Aging and Mental Health in Tampa.

Kallimanis added, "Access to this website guided my search for other information by giving me ideas of search terms." Reports on the website and the associated reference lists also aided her in a search of the professional literature on Alzheimer's disease.


Nissen of Senior LBFEsteps recalled coming across THA quite by accident while she was reviewing influenza information on the CDC website. "As an advanced-practice nurse, I am involved in educational programming for health and service professionals, who work in a variety of settings," she said. Senior LIFEsteps is a screening and placement system used by eldercare organizations across the United States ranging from continuing care retirement communities to homecare providers. Nissen found that THA data could help her identify management opportunities in wellness, health promotion and chronic disease and, thus, prioritize programming. …