Article excerpt

It is with great pride, we present you this edition of The Journal of Southern Legal History. Our editor in chief, Charles R. Adams III, had some especially intense pressures in his law practice during the preparation of this issue. Mr. Adams and our irreplaceable managing editor, Ms. Yonna Shaw, turned an otherwise difficult situation into a very positive opportunity for The Journal of Southern Legal History and for the Georgia Legal History Foundation. They invited three outstanding young attorneys to assume primary responsibility for the editing of the three articles that appear in this issue. The three attorneys all served a term as editor in chief of the Mercer Law Review when they were law students. Each of these attorneys deserves a special mention.

Gregory K. Smith is a senior associate in the Adanta offices of King & Spalding. Greg already has established an excellent reputation in the Georgia Bar. Walter E.Jones recently completed a clerkship with Judge John T. Laney III in Columbus and will become an associate in the Macon law firm of James, Bates, Pope & Spivey. Stuart E. Walker clerked for Senior District Judge Duross Fitzpatrick of the Middle District of Georgia and now serves as clerk for Judge S.. Lanier Anderson III of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. These fine young Georgia attorneys have made an extraordinary commitment of their time and talents to this issue.

Ms. Yonna Shaw also deserves a special vote of appreciation for her coordination of the wonderful interview with the late Governor Samuel Ernest Vandiver, Jr. that is described in more detail below. Yonna was the "good shepherd" every step of the way in bringing the Vandiver project to the printed page.

We would personally like to thank three women for their assistance in preparing the oral history. First, we would like to thank Mrs. Betty Vandiver for her graciousness and her support. Second, we would like to thank Governor Vandiver's daughter, Jane Vandiver Kidd, for writing the Introduction to the Covernor's oral history. …