The Geopolitics Reader (Second Edition)

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The Geopolitics Reader (Second Edition) Edited by Gearoid O Tuathail, Simon Dalby and Paul Routledge Abingdon: Routledge, 2006 302pp, 19 x 24.5cm Pb: £26.99, ISBN 0 415 34148 5

This is a very welcome second edition given that the first edition of The Geopolitics Reader was published in 1998 when very few commentators were preoccupied with global terrorism and counter-terror The second edition is very similar to the first in the sense that each section of readings is introduced by a high quality introductory essay by one of the editorial team - Gearoid O Tuathail remains the lead editor and prefaces the sections on Imperialist geopolitics, Cold War geopolitics and 21st century geopolitics; Simon Dalby was responsible for a section on the geopolitics of global dangers (this section has become more extensive than in the first edition) and Paul Routledge edited the final section on anti-geopolitics. The choice of readings is sagacious in so far as the editors choose from a wide range of academic, policy-orientated and activist-led commentators including Edward Said, Samuel Huntington and Arundhati Roy. …