Sexual Health, Volume 4, State-of-the-Art Treatments and Research

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Sexual Health, Volume 4, State-of-the-Art Treatments and Research Edited by Annette Fugisang Owens and Mitchell S. Tepper. Praeger, 2007. $425.00 for set of four volumes.

Bravo to a work that's a real "who's who" and "what's what" in the field of sexology today! The tone of Sexual Health, Volume 4, the last of a four volume series, is set with an inspiring introduction by David Satcher, MD, PhD. Referencing his groundbreaking 2001 Surgeon General's "Call to Action on Sexual Health," Satcher explains how he has grown to work so closely with AASECT members and co-authors of this book in challenging all Americans to reach beyond the propaganda of fear and religious fundamentalist dogma and, instead, embrace accurate, sound, scientifically-based sexuality information, education and responsibility.

Written with great skills, facts and diplomacy, the 16 chapters in this book succeed in meeting Dr. Satcher's challenge by addressing the most important and controversial sexual issues facing America today. The work is packed with state-of-the-art chapters, written by leaders in our field, on topics like male sexual issues, family planning and rehabilitation and disabilities as they relate to sexuality. I especially appreciated the way "sex addiction" was addressed by Eli Coleman as he notes both sides to this controversial subject and offers a wise solution to the language dilemma, using the less controversial term "sexual compulsion" instead. …