Older Americans Still Sexually Active, Study Finds

Article excerpt

A new study on sex and aging ("A Study of Sexuality and Health among Older Adults in the United States") published in the August 23 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine showed that many older Americans have active sex lives.

"Most people assume that people stop doing it after some vague age," said Edward Laumann, PhD, University of Chicago professor and co-author of the study.

That's not true.

According to a survey of 3,005 men and women, the following numbers had sexual intercourse in the past year:

* 3 in 4 people between 57-64 years old

* 2 in 4 people between 64-75 years old

* 1 in 4 people between 75-85 years old

Respondents with fewer health problems reported having sex more frequently. Researchers didn't limit their questions to intercourse. They also asked about oral sex and masturbation. About 50 percent of people between 57-75 years old had oral sex (giving or receiving) in the past 12 months. …