Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package

Article excerpt

Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package Produced under the direction of Dr. Michelle Funk and supervised by Dr. Benedito Sarceno. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization, 2005

Three of the modules from within the Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package are reviewed here (Child and adolescent mental health policies and plans by professor alan Fisher and Dr. stuart lustig, Mental health policy, plans and programmes (updated version) by Dr. alberto Minoletti, and Improving access and use of psychotropic medicines by Dr. hilbrand haak).

According to the authors, the purpose of the guidance package is to assist policymakers and planners to develop comprehensive policies and strategies for improving population mental health, utilize existing resources towards this end, provide effective services, and promote integration of all individuals with mental disorders into all aspects of community life. the full package of materials includes 10 modules, each focusing on a core aspect of mental health. the modules read by this reviewer did not require knowledge of the content of the others, making them suitable standalone documents. each followed a similar sequence, beginning with some discussion of context, before turning to specific strategies. …