The World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality, Delhi, India, January 5-8, 2008

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The 2008 World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality, with Lama Samdhong Rinpoche, the Prime Minister of Tibet-in-exile ("Spirituality in Politics"), BKS Iyengar ("The Future of Yoga"), Karan Singh, Sri Sri Ravi Sankar, Stan and Christina Grof (on video), Robert Thurman and others from over thirty countries - Russia, Mozambique, Mali, France, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Poland, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Japan, Iran, Korea, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Czech-Republic, Portugal, USA, Slovenia, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia - invite you to join in internationalizing spiritual approaches to personal and world issues.

A microcosm of scholars, therapists, lawyers, physicians, educators, artists, scientists, students, social activists, and techies, the Congress is primarily a networking event to support international collaborations for attendees in areas such as restorative justice, emergency response trauma counseling, prison reform, transpersonal clinical training, spirituality in hospitals, conscious theatre and art-forms, university and high school student exchange, yoga and meditation instruction, and world-fusion ecstatic dance and musical events.

Add on Holotropic Breathwork and sound-healing workshops, meditation retreat and extended India tours will be complemented by a special yogic fire ritual known as a Yagya, for world peace to be held at the country estate where Monsoon Wedding was filmed. An evening dance meditation will close the event, whose theme is the central maxim of Indian spirituality, Vasudhaiva kutumbakam, "One family. …