Muslims Do Need Think Tanks

Article excerpt

Muslim supported think tanks can help provide information that policymakers need. BY MUNEER FAREED

Now that mosques and schools are for the most part a permanent feature of Muslim social life in this country, it is time to turn attention to the establishment and support of policy institutes or think tanks. The importance of think tanks in evaluating all aspects of Muslim life in the United States is underscored by the interest recently generated by the latest Pew research. Muslims themselves, however, have yet to understand and value the importance of policy institutes, particularly within the framework of a modern democratic polity such as ours. Think tanks often conduct research into social behavior and attitudes on a variety of issues relevant to the public. Such research, in turn forms the basis for the decisions of policy makers in both the public as well as the private sectors. The funding for such research comes from private citizens like yourselves, from endowments, and from the government in some cases. The decision to fund is often made based on the relevance of the study to the donor. I would urge you to seriously consider becoming one such donor to ISPU, because it focuses primarily on issues pertinent to your life in the United States. …