Musicians Hall of Fame Welcomes First Inductees

Article excerpt

In June 2006, the Musicians Hall of Fame opened its doors in Nashville, Tennessee. The mission of the museum is to acknowledge and celebrate great musicians for their achievements-regardless of whether they've spent their careers in the spotlight Visitors to the museum are able to see and hear a variety of instruments, as well as learn about the outstanding musicians who have played them over the years and the rich history behind the songs they've come to love.

Since the opening of the museum, ballots have been sent to musicians, historians, producers, and engineers across the country, asking them for their nominations for inductees. In November, the inaugural class of inductees was welcomed into the museum; they included the Nashville A-Team, The Funk Brothers, The Wrecking Crew, The Memphis Boys, The Tennessee Two, and The Blue Moon Boys.

In the '50s, '60s, and '70s, many major US recording centers such as Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York City each had relatively small groups of go-to musicians who played on the many of the records made those locations. They came to be known by group names, making it easy for producers to simply say they wanted to book "The A-Team," or "The Wrecking Crew," instead of making long lists of the specific musicians they wanted. …