AUSA Sustaining Member Profile: Danner, Inc

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Corporate Structure-Founded: 1932. Number of Employees: approx. 300. President and CEO: Joseph P. Schneider. Headquarters: 17634 N.E. Airport Way, Portland, OR 97230. Telephone: 1-800-345-0430. Web site:

With a commitment to craftsmanship, Danner continues to build on the company's 76-year heritage of being the "Expert's Choice" by making premium-quality military, hiking, hunting, occupational, uniform and rugged casual footwear for men and women. Located in Portland, Ore., Danner is a wholly owned subsidiary of LaCrosse Footwear, Inc.

A strong heritage of quality, durability and customer service continues to drive Danner's success after 76 years of superior footwear development. After opening its doors in 1932, not only did Danner strive to develop premium footwear, the company also responded to customer needs. More than 30 years ago, Danner developed its famous stitchdown construction method and designed the first medium-weight hiking boot, considered to be one of the most ideal hiking boots available at that time. In 1986, Danner changed the footwear landscape by developing the Fort Lewis, one of the most durable uniform boots, which is still used today. Danner continues its innovations in the uniform boot market, including the Desert TFX hot series and the Desert Acadia. Danner answers the call to duty, recognizing and fulfilling the need for a stable and lightweight boot built for durability and performance. Danner builds expertgrade footwear for specific weather and terrain, for those who are patrolling the mountains of Afghanistan, training in the desert or hiking through the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Carving its niche in the industry, Danner has led the way in quality footwear. It is a leader in developing and incorporating advanced products in its footwear, such as GORE-TEX, Thinsulate Insulation and Danner's own proprietary cutting-edge breathable hot technology. With the focus on technology, quality materials and expert craftsmanship, Danner is committed to developing the very best boots.

Experts are the toughest customers to satisfy. When a product fails to meet their expectations, they simply will not use it. Danner thrives on the necessity to satisfy the footwear needs of experts in industry, military, law enforcement, hunting and outdoor recreation.

Putting more into the product than an average customer would expect, Danner lives by the practice of overbuilding. …