Collected Short Stories and Summer in the Country

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Collected Short Stories and Summer in the Country

By Carey Blyton ISBN: 0 9535125 4 1

Fand Music Press 112.50

Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs; bananas in pyjamas are in their underwears... or something like it, was the newly learned song my small daughter had brought back from nursery school in the late seventies. I had no idea who had written it, or even what the words truly were, but the sheer joy on that little girl's face was enough to endear me to the song forever.

Only recently was I made aware that the author of that song is composer Carey Blyton and then offered the chance to read his collection of Short Stories and some autobiographical chapters about his time as an evacuee during the Second World War.

Carey is the nephew of Enid Blyton, my favourite childhood author, so I began reading with great interest and curiosity. I have been a short story writer all my life and reading them challenges the mind because to be effective they should have a sting or twist in the tale. I began therefore by reading the autobiographical piece to try and get a feel for Carey Blyton, the writer. …