College-Bound Students Desire Education Abroad, Internships, Fluency

Article excerpt

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS BOUND for college have a keen interest in study abroad and other international learning opportunities, according to a poll conducted and published by the American Council on Education (ACE), Art & Science Group, and the College Board. The survey, College-Bound Students'Interests in Study Abroad and Other International Learning Activities, revealed the following:

* Fifty-five percent of college-bound high school students say they are certain or fairly certain they will participate in education abroad;

* Thirty-five percent of collegebound high school students in 2007 intend to seek an internship abroad. Students plan to intern in places such as Asia, Africa, and Australia;

* Among students planning to study abroad, more than 70 percent plan on becoming proficient in a second language or learning enough of the language to converse comfortably with others in that country;

* Thirty-seven percent say they are very interested in gaining work experience in another country; and

* Nearly one-fifth of students are interested in a yearlong education abroad program. …