Restructuring: Proposed Constitutional Amendments and Related Materials

Article excerpt

The following constitutional amendments and related materials are the result of a three-year process that began in 2004, when the AAUP Council created a task force to explore whether the Association's activities could be strengthened and expanded through a change in its structure. After consultation with various AAUP constituencies and experts, the task force recommended that the Association evolve into three entities under one AAUP umbrella.' The task force's restructuring recommendation has now been approved by the Council, reviewed by the standing Committee on Organization of the Association, and endorsed by the executive committees of the Collective Bargaining Congress and the Assembly of State Conferences. At its November 2007 meeting, the Council also endorsed the draft constitutions set out below and, as the governing body of the AAUP, recommended that the AAUP membership adopt the revised AAUP constitution. Similarly, the CBC Executive Committee has recommended that the CBC membership adopt the CBC constitution as set out below. This publication of the constitutions of the entities that would comprise the restructured AAUP is part of the process required to implement the restructuring.

The AAUP currently operates as a "public charity" or charitable organization. Under the proposed restructuring, the core organization will be a "professional association," which will look in almost every respect like the AAUP does today. Its members will be the individuals who are the members of AAUP today. As now, the chapters and state conferences, and the ASC, will be integrated within the AAUP. The second component will be a "labor organization" or union, called the AAUP-CBC. It will succeed to the activities of the current CBC, and, like the current CBC, its members will be those chapters that engage in collective bargaining. The third entity will be a "charitable organization," called the AAUP Foundation. It will subscribe to AAUP principles and will attract contributions and other resources in support of activities to further those principles.

Each of the three entities will have a constitution. The restructuring contemplates that the constitution of the professional association will be a revised version of the current constitution of the AAUP. …