Constitution of the Aaup Collective Bargaining Congress: (Formerly the Collective Bargaining Congress Bylaws)

Article excerpt

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Article I-Name

The name of this organization shall be the American Association of University Professors Collective Bargaining Congress ... ("AAUP-CBC").

Article II - Purpose

.... The AAUP-CBC is composed of those chapters of the American Association of University Professors ("AAUP") that are engaged in collective bargaining, and is chartered by the AAUP. It promotes organizing and collective bargaining among tenured, tenure-track and contingent faculty, academic professionals, and graduate students, in an effort to achieve the AAUP's long-standing objectives: establishing and strengthening institutions of faculty governance; providing fair procedures for resolving grievances; better securing the academic and economic status of faculty and other professionals in the academic community; and promoting free inquiry and advancing the standards and practices that guarantee the quality of American higher education. It is the belief of the AAUP-CBC that in defending these interests and in safeguarding the historic mission of the American university, academic collective bargaining advances the public interest by providing a training ground for an informed and engaged citizenry. In keeping with the AAUP's foundational commitment to faculty self-governance, the AAUP-CBC is dedicated to promoting a distinctive model of member-based, democratic, academic unionism.

Article III - Membership

A. Status as a member unit of the ... AAUP-CBC shall be open to:

1. Each AAUP chapter or group of AAUP chapters, mat, in its own right or as part of an ... AAUP-approved merger or joint affiliation, has been recognized or certified as ... bargaining agent at its institution.

2. Any certified collective bargaining representative that has an affiliation agreement or approved dues arrangement with the ... AAUP, provided such agreement is current and in full force.

3. Any AAUP chapter or group of AAUP chapters that the Executive Committee of the ... AAUPCBC has deemed to act as a collective bargaining agent.

B. At institutions where there is more than one bargaining unit represented by an AAUP chapter or AAUP-CBC-affiliated certified bargaining agent, each separate bargaining unit shall be deemed eligible to become a member unit, even if (a) the bargaining unit contains more than one AAUP chapter, or encompasses more than one campus, and even if (b) the certifications for different bargaining units are held by a single AAUP chapter, Council of Chapters, or AAUP-CBC-affiliated certified bargaining agent.

C. An AAUP chapter or group of chapters that is attempting to become a faculty collective bargaining ... agent shall be invited to send representatives to ... AAUP-CBC meetings. Such a ... chapter or group of chapters may be designated a provisional member unit by action of the Executive Committee of the ... AAUP-CBC. Provisional member units shall have neither a dues obligation nor the right to vote.

D. Membership in good standing with the AAUP-CBC shall require that member units remit the dues established by the ... AAUP-CBC and that their members' dues are paid to the AAUP.

E. Voting rights shall be limited to member units in good standing ... with the ... AAUP-CBC and shall be exercised in accordance with the formula specified ... elsewhere in this Constitution.

F. Failure to maintain membership in good standing shall result in loss of rights to participate in AAUP-CBC affairs, including the right of voice and vote at AAUP-CBC meetings, until such time as good standing is restored. Failure to restore good standing by paying an outstanding dues arrearage within ninety days of being notified of the arrearage by the AAUP-CBC Secretary may, at the discretion of the AAUP-CBC, result in revocation of the chapter's status as an AAUP-CBC member unit. A chapter whose status as a member unit has been revoked may be reinstated only upon payment of all dues that are outstanding at the time of reinstatement, unless such dues are waived by the AAUP Council and the AAUP-CBC Executive Committee. …