Record of the Council: November 17-18, 2007

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The Council of the Association met November 17-18, 2007, at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Washington, D.C.

President Cary Nelson presided. Members of the Council (with the exceptions of Ariel Anderson, Anne Doyle, and Candace Kant) were present, as were the AAUP's general counsel, Mary Heen; the AAUP's general secretary, Ernst Benjamin; and the AAUP's senior counsel, Rachel Levinson. Other staff attending included die AAUP's associate general secretary, Jordan Kurland, and associate secretaries Gwendolyn Bradley, Eric Combest, John Curtis, Michael Ferguson, Cathy Jones, Katherine Isaac, B. Robert Kreiser, Jonathan Knight, Anita Levy, Michael Mauer, Julie Schmid, Martin Snyder, and Dennis Watkins. Kerry Grant served as parliamentarian. Guests included Robert Gorman, chair of the Presidential Task Force on Restructuring, and Laura Kumin, counsel and restructuring consultant. Executive assistant Leigh A. Neidiardt also attended.

Written reports were provided by the president; the Office of Staff Counsel; the chairs of the Assembly of State Conferences and the Nominating Committee; die director of the Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Governance; the director of the Department of External Relations; the director of the Department of Organizing and Services; and the director of the Department of Research and Public Policy.

The Council met in executive session on Saturday morning from 9:00 to 1 1:00 a.m.; it was joined by General Secretary Benjamin during die latter half of the meeting. President Nelson began die session by introducing the new Council members and die parliamentarian.

President Nelson called the general business meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 17, 2007. A motion was passed to adopt the agenda.

General Secretary Search

Jeffrey Butts, chair of the search committee, briefed the Council on die committee's recent conference call to discuss the position and advertising. Ads have been placed online, in Academe, and elsewhere.

Report on Membership

Associate Secretary Katherine Isaac shared highlights from the report on membership, detailing several areas in which progress has been made in die membership office. Outside billing has been used to process payroll deductions, which constitute a large part of the Association's revenue. The Association has set up direct deposit to its bank to facilitate dues payment.

Isaac also noted that in April 2007, a mailing was sent to members who lapsed in payment between 2001 and 2006. This mailing resulted in 1,200 membership renewals. Another mailing went out in December 2007.

New Database Software

The Council approved a motion to go into executive session (with staff present). Benjamin discussed a recommendation made by the Executive Committee in August to pursue an alternate software package. The Council approved a motion to give Benjamin the aumority to begin a search and a motion was passed to leave executive session.

AAUP General Listserv

Nelson led a discussion about die activities on die unmoderated AAUP General Listserv, which was shut down in September. The difficulty of switching to a moderated list, which would require more staff time, was discussed.

AAUP Listserv Policies

Senior Counsel Rachel Levinson reviewed long and short versions of proposed Listserv policies. The policies would govern use of all current and future AAUP Listservs. The long version would be sent upon subscription to the list and would be available on die Association's Web site. The short version would be appended to the end of each message sent to the list.

The Council passed a motion to approve die Listserv policies.

In addition, after a discussion about use of member e-mail addresses, a suggestion was made that membership forms indicate whether an individual wishes to receive e-mail from state conferences. …