Savion Glover's Bare Soundz

Article excerpt

Bare Soundz is the title of the show given by Savion Glover who performed with two other dancers, Marshall Davis Jr. and Maurice Chestnut, all of whom were child stars. I saw them at Sadler's Wells on 27 November and was struck by the appropriateness of the title, because this was a show without ornamentation or musical accompaniment.

The three dancers each occupied an island in the form of a raised square platform, which allowed the heavily miked sounds of the tapping to resonate. You might think that a show composed entirely of three men tapping, would pall after a while, but such was the talent and variety of steps it was mesmerising and riveting at the same time.

Savion Glover is a slight figure with dreadlocks, completely understated except for his prodigious talent. He was a nominee in the 'best male dancer' category for the Critics Circle Dance Awards 2008, pretty amazing when you consider that he was pitched against the whole of the rest of the dance world. …