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Low Tech First

To Aging Today:

Two articles in the latest Aging Today (November-December 2008), when taken together, provide a holistic view of the future of aging in place. The front-page article "Long-Term Care Conference Focuses on Technology, Government's Role" quotes Intel's Eric Dishman as encouraging providers to "imagine and design a social-care system that works for the best quality of life. ... And figure out a business model." Also in the article, David Walker is quoted as saying that long-term care "is about living support services ... not healthcare."

In addition, Donna Yee's article on page 11 ("Multiple Services Can Cut Health Disparities") cites research that tells us how best to use resources so everyone can get the best bang for our buck. Together, the articles describe the best way to use care bucks and the process for developing the system we need to make it work.

My area, the home environment, is the container for the above. Services, control, dignity and behavior are the contents. These need to be located near the service infrastructure, such as a transportation system and an elder-friendly community environment. …