Set the Dates

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Use the change of season to promote community banking

Most marketers will tell you it's not just about having a good product. You also have to communicate its need to the customer to secure the sale. Timing is often a factor in successfully linking customers with products.

A parent with a high school student is much more concerned about saving for college, for example, than a married couple with no offspring. A couple in their mid-40s may be more suitable for a pitch on retirement planning than a college freshman. These life cycle changes, as they are often referred, are obvious sales opportunities. But there are a number of seasonal cycles, if you will, that can signal a sales opening.

April Activities

April is the month most people start their springcleaning. It's also tax season-a prime opportunity for you to promote personal savings or other investment opportunities (with those anticipated tax refunds).

April is also Community Banking Month. Whether you choose to celebrate on a day, weekend, all week or all month, this is the one time of the year to promote your unique style of banking and to thank your customers for their support and loyalty. Some community banks host a cookout in their parking lot. Others serve cake and soft drinks in the bank lobby, and still some dive into community service.

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