New Kid on the Block

Article excerpt

ICBA Securities' new chief makes his introduction

As I begin the first of many hopefully insightful articles for Independent Banker, I first must pay homage to the man I am not replacing, but succeeding. C.J. Pickering has served many roles over the last 16 years: mentor, advisor, confidant, journalist, teacher, bad joke teller, golf course lackey. More importantly, he has been a wonderfully successful president and CEO of ICBA Securities, and I believe every banker who has chosen to use our services has benefited from his leadership.

And I am eternally grateful to C.J. for shepherding me into a new phase of my career and join in wishing Sadie and him a long and wonderful retirement.

On with the issue of the day: remaking me from a sales rep into the president of ICBA Securities. I feel a little bit like a freshman in college. Let me count the ways.

* Transcript. I am pleased to tell you that I am a CPA and a CFA. It essentially means that I passed the entrance exam. What matters more is the curriculum. My course regimen, so far as I can tell, is to present to the constituency (you) useful, timely and technically accurate information that can be used to improve your bank's performance.

Since my predecessor succeeded in writing over 180 such columns, I'm hopeful I can generate some new subject matter in taking over the byline slot for Portfolio Management. The good news is that the new products created on Wall Street, and new regulations produced by our friends at the FDIC, OCC and Financial Accounting Standards Board, are sure to supply me with plenty of material.

* Extracurricular Activities. My "big brother" C.J. has helped me pledge ICBA Securities, and I have met many wonderful members of the ICBA fraternity. Rush week wasn't nearly as violent or intimidating as I had prepared myself for.

It's clear I am following in the footsteps of the man who would have been voted "Most Popular." By the time this is published the national convention will have come and gone, and I will be able to count many more of you among my acquaintances. I am making it a priority to visit as many state associations, make as many presentations, author as many articles, and initiate as many phone calls as is productive in the next two years.

I understand firsthand the benefits of a face-to-face meeting with your broker, and I want to create that opportunity however and whenever I can. In other words, please invite me to your campus socials. I am yearning for attention. I also have a set of golf clubs, and I'm not afraid to use them.

* Dorm Life. I am sort of moving into a new dorm room. For the last 12 years I have had a spot on the ICBA Securities sales floor, which is essentially a six-foot by six-foot work station, further enhanced by computer screens, monitors, keyboards, Performance Profiles and call reports. If any of you have been in the office of the president of ICBA Securities, you've seen a handsome collection of model cars (e. …