A Selected Bibliography for Ago Certification Preparation

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This list of recommended publications relating to preparation for AGO professional certification requirements is provided for the reader's information. In addition to these materials, prospective candidates will find other useful resources supplied by AGO Headquarters. Many of these books contain extensive bibliographies themselves. Several excellent works known to be out of print are indicated as such. In these cases, the Committee on Professional Certification feels these works are important enough to be included here; candidates with access to libraries and interlibrary loan may be able to obtain them, and used copies are often found in the marketplace.


A. Music History

Brown, Howard Meyer. Music in the Renaissance. Prentice-Hall, 1976.

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B. Organ History and Literature (AAGO, FAGO)

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C. Choral Literature (ChM, AAGO, FAGO)

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D. Historical Performance Practice (CAGO, ChM, AAGO, FAGO)

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