Protecting English and Old Glory

Article excerpt

Three of VFW's most cherished symbols-the English language, the U.S. flag and its congressional charter-were the subjects of the following adopted resolutions.

Res. 303-Mandate English as the Official Language of the United States-reaffirms resolutions approved at past conventions to make English the nation's official language. It also asks Congress to:

limit bilingual education to short-term transitional programs only;

return voting ballots to English only;

make more opportunities available to immigrants to learn English;

maintain comprehension of English as a condition for naturalization; and

enact legislation designating English as the official language of the national and all state governments.

The resolution also notes that English has no special legal protection and that "increased official usage of other languages" poses a threat to the nation. It also reiterates that Section 713 of VFW's bylaws states all VFW Post meetings must be conducted in English.

Res. 304-Request for Congressional Review of the Federal Flag Code-seeks consistent respect for the U.S. flag.

This resolution was created because "flag producers have reported a substantial increase in distribution of U.S. flags." In some cases, this has resulted in "individual misinterpretations and misunderstandings about the proper care and display of the U. …