Seven Tips on Branding for the Elder Market

Article excerpt

* Understand the older adult, your primary customer. Seek out older adults; talk to them about their problems and challenges. Understand these issues and impacts. Ask them how do they feel now; how do they want to feel; and what are their aspirations. Infer what you can from their behaviors. Determine the real problems you're solving and their importance.

* Understand the "orbital" groups - the decision-makers and influencers. Part of maintaining focus on your primary customer is to identify the influential groups in elders' lives: peers, families, care managers, conservators, medical professionals, social workers, therapists, agencies and communities. Know what problems you want to solve for these groups and the problems' significance. Realize that influencer roles may change over time.

* Approach each segment with the right message. Focus on elders, but develop the right message and vehicle for reaching each segment, such as adult children (a tricky group) and care professionals. Create the right partnerships to help deliver your message. …