Intergovernmental Cooperation

Article excerpt

It's human nature to see what's right in front of us first and the bigger picture later - if ever. So it is only natural, I suppose, that governments follow the same practice, worrying first and foremost about their own situations, without enough consider- ation sometimes for the bigger picture and how all the pieces fit together as a whole. With mat in mind, AGA began an ambitious effort two years ago to encourage governments to work better together to reduce, for instance, improper payments and duplication of services, while opening the lines of communication. Our lead article, "A Partnership for Stewardship: Removing the Baggage" by George D. Strudgeon, CPA, outlines the accomplishments realized by AGA's Partnership for Intergovernmental Management and Accountability as well as some of the challenges that remain. AGA is proud to be at the forefront of this important effort and we hope to see real and continuing progress in this area.

In other news, I'm pleased to report that the Journal Editorial Board has set the 2010 Editorial Calendar:

Spring 2010: The American Recovery and Results Act One Year Later: Did It Work? - One year after the Obama administration passed sweeping legislation designed to jump-start the staggering American economy, we'll look at whether it worked, where all the money went and how it was accounted for by federal, state and local governments. Writing Deadline: December 1, 2009

Summer 2010: State and Local Government - A look at the economic condition of state and local governments as well as the mark-to-market issue affecting all governments. Mark-to-market accounting sets the value of the financial assets reported on the balance sheet to what they would realistically fetch if sold in the marketplace. …