UK Tops Foreign Direct Investment League Table

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United Kingdom

With investors shying away from UK gilts and sterling, Britain does not stand out as a likely global leader among investment locations. However, a report published by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) shows that the United Kingdom remained the top investment location in Europe in the year to March 2009, securing a record 1,744 inward investment projects. According to the report, in 2008-2009 the UK attracted FDI from 53 countries, up from 48 the previous year.

The largest investor in the UK remained the ,United States, which increased its investment by 30% on 2007-2008 levels. The US accounted for more than 35% of total UK FDI in 2008-2009, with drug company Pfizer announcing that it would invest $60 million in a stem cell research center in Cambridge. India increased its investment in the UK by 44%, moving up from seventh-largest investor in 2007-2008 to second-largest investor in 2008-2009. Other countries that increased their investment into the UK include Italy (up 45%), France (up 15%), Canada (up 25%) and the Gulf (up 25%). …