Communication Challenges in the Workplace

Article excerpt

Communication Challenges in the Workplace The Credible Company: Communicating with Today's Skeptical Workforce By Roger D'Aprix. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, a Wiley imprint (, 2009. Hardcover. $40. 157 pages.

This book is about communication in the workplace, a topic of paramount importance today, given the rapid changes in corporate America caused by the economic downturn.

Employees, especially those in large organizations, are skeptical at best and cynical at worst-a situation that presents major communication challenges in the workplace, writes Roger D'Aprix, a communication consultant, author and vice president at ROI Communication.

D'Aprix discusses how technology has changed workplace communication for good. He identifies two key advantages offered by technology: the first is the ability to deliver unfiltered news and information almost instantly to employees. The second is the ability to open up the communication environment for more democratic information exchanges.

However, the author notes that technology can bring about "reactive communication" in the corporate setting. This means communications that react to an event or new development, just like news reporting. This type of communication can produce a workforce that is actually less informed and less educated about their organization than they need to be in order to remain competitive. …