Expanding Horizons

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Looking to integrate separate image payment systems? Expand wealth management services? Navigate through numerous regulatory requirements? This month's Tool Shop has some options for you to consider.*

Foreign Currency Cards


The Travelex Preferred Service Provider Program now allows community banks to offer prepaid cards in American and foreign currency for use overseas. For new Euros and British Pound cards, exchange rates are locked in when the card is loaded, allowing consumers to avoid currency fluctuations.

A study found that 43 percent of travelers are likely to use such cards in the future.

Identity Theft Guidelines

Gladiator Technology

Gladiator Technology, the ProfitStars solution that operates as a managed security services provider, debuted its Identity Theft Prevent Program to support compliance with the customer "red flag" identity theft guidelines. According to company officials, the program will help banks assess their current preparedness for compliance, identify the most critical compliance issues that need to be addressed quickly, and explain what banks can expect during the regulatory exam process.

Learn more at www.gladiatortechnology.com.

Wealth Management Services

ICBA Financial Services/Sage 360

ICBA Financial Services, ICBA's retail investment and insurance services company, signed an agreement with Sage360 Advisors to expand its community bank wealth management offerings to include strategic planning advisement services. The addition of Sage360 Advisors to the existing ICBA Financial Services Private Wealth Management program adds depth and concentration to an existing, comprehensive program. The program helps banks set up succession plans, income tax plans, insurance and risk management and philanthropic endeavors.

Learn more at http://www.icbafinancial.com.

Physical Security

A Rifkin

Rifkin's Keyless Security Interoffice Courier Pouch holds up to seven times more than a standard inter-office envelope, and it is manufactured to withstand thousands of round trips. To secure bag contents, users insert an individually numbered, one-time-use security seal into the built-in closure. …