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I have been a fan of Stage Directions from its beginnings! I missed the old "Theatre Crafts" magazine format which was hands-on useable in my theatre arts classes. Stage Directions appeals to a variety of technical skill levels. I learn and my students leam from the articles because you include things which we can grasp within the realms of our limited resources and then you give us a look at how much more is available. I like the advertisements because they a/so give me direction. But, making the digital copy which I can download is even more exciting. If I could I would give you a Tony! Now I can share an issue with the whole class at the same time. I tried it for the first time today- Yeah!

Thank you for this wonderful gift

Cynthia R. King

Director of Theatre Arts

Notre Dame Regional High School

Cape Girardeau, MO

[Thanks, Cynthia! Glad you like the book. Any reader can go green and change their subscription to the digital edition at www.stage-directions. com/subscribe. -Jacob]

. . . And Correct Kudos

I read with interest your "Sound Policy," article by Lisa Mulcahy in the September 2009 issue about two of New York's fine sound shops. I've had the pleasure of dealing with both Masque and Sound Associates many times over the past 30 years, and the depth of knowledge, the ingenuity, the attention to detail and the support that their staffs provide always help ease the stress of doing production on a new show.

I did notice some inaccuracies in the article that should be corrected:

Sound Associates was started in 1946 by Richard Fitzgerald's father, Tommy Fitzgerald, not in 1 979. …