Editor's NOTE

Article excerpt

Many aspects of President Barack Obama's arms control and foreign policy agenda have been analyzed at great length; two of our articles this month focus on areas that have received less attention.

Catherine M. Kelleher and Scott L. Warren address the issue of tactical nuclear weapons. Nuclear arms control has been a high-profile part of Obama's first months in office, but discussions have centered on strategic arsenals. Kelleher and Warren focus on tactical weapons, arguing that their elimination could be part of the first phase of a move toward the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. The military justification for continued deployment of these weapons is weak, but alliance policies and politics could complicate efforts to get rid of them, Kelleher and Warren say.

In another article, Victoria Samson examines the options for the Obama administration's review of U.S. space policy. She argues for an approach that emphasizes multilateral collaboration but says that formal treaties "might not be the only way, or even the best, to improve space's sustainability."

Tactical nuclear weapons and space are areas in which the Obama administration will have an opportunity to make significant policy changes. …