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Bulgar brandy

'Borisovka' is a new brand of plum brandy in Bulgaria. It is named after the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov who stopped parliament raising taxes on alcohol.

The villagers of Kapatovo, in the south Bulgaria, named the 2009 batch of grape brandy - locally known as -after their Prime Minister.

'Better slightly tipsy than robbed,' said parliamentarian Krasimir \felchev, who is in Borisov's party. Finally, politicians express some sense on tax.

Vegetarian civil war imminent

There is a new, clean, green meat being developed by scientists in the Netherlands. They have come up with an ingenious way to produce meat in the lab - without the need to raise, feed or butcher animals.

The process involves extracting cells from the muscle of a live pig, then causing the cells to multiply thereby creating muscle tissue. However, scientists need to find a way Of improving it by training it and stretching it,' according to Professor Mark Post at Eindhoven University.

Not surprisingly, no one has been game enough to try it - but it could be in your fridge by 20 14!

Do what I say...

Tackling climate change is as simple as making hotel guests pay for their power consumption; taxing air travel; and, most importantly, ridding restaurants of ice water. …