ASA Receives $700,000 Capacity-Building Grant

Article excerpt

The American Society on Aging (ASA) has been awarded a $700,000 capacity-building grant to further strengmen its infrastructure and systems, which will allow ASA to more effectively serve its members and fulfill its mission.

The grant, from The Atlantic Philanthropies, will enable ASA to replace its outdated membership database and related applications, and to replace its website, which currently operates on an old technology no longer supported by me vendor. Additionally, the grant will help underwrite certain costs associated with ASA's imminent office relocation (see story on page 2). The Society is moving to more efficient and cost-effective office space, selected especially for its open layout. The move will allow ASA to save 40% annually on rental expense.


The grant funding also will enable ASA to refocus on membership retention and growth; develop its online learning and networking capacities; and help ASA continue to improve its financial systems and operating benchmarks. The grant will strengmen ASA's overall operating systems, and support the Society's ongoing efforts to create the high-performing and sustainable organization mandated by the ASA Board and management. These actions will help make ASA a more efficient and effective organization as it navigates through changing times and approaches the opportunities that were articulated in ASA's new strategic plan, which was approved by the Board earlier this year.

"ASA had the very good fortune to work with the Bridgespan Group for a six-month strategic planning engagement, which started in November 2008 and was concluded in May of 2009," said ASA Board Chair Dr. …