Report of the 2009 Nominating Committee

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This report is published in accordance ivith the AAUP's election bylaws. The names of all candidates for election (nominated by the Nominating Committee or by petition) will be posted on the AAUP's Web site at

The Nominating Committee met in Washington, D.C., on September 5, 2009, for the puipose of nominating candidates for national officer positions and for the nine new at-large seats on the Association's governing Council. The candidates are listed below in alphabetical order, along with their disciplines and institutional affiliations. Incumbents are designated by an asterisk. Biographical infonnation on each candidate will accompany the ballots, which will be sent out between March 3 and March 8, 2010. Ballots must be returned and received on or before April 15Regulations concerning nominations by petition may be found in the Association's Constitution, Article V, Section 3. Petitions must be submitted to the Washington office not later than December 15, 2009. Additional information may be obtained from Martin Snyder, staff to the Election Committee, by sending an e-mail to The committee expresses its thanks to all of the proposed candidates, whether selected for nomination or not, for their willingness to serve and for their commitment to the Association.

National Officer Nominees


* Cary Nelson (English), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Donna L. Potts (English), Kansas State University


Stanley Aronowitz (Sociology), City University of New York

Wendy W. Roworth (Art History), University of Rhode Island


* Estelle S. Gellman (Educational Psychology), Hofstra University (NY.)

Mayra Besosa (Spanish), California State University, San Marcos


*Howard Bunsis (Accounting), Eastern Michigan University

Michele Ganon (Accounting) , Western Connecticut State University

At-Large Council Nominees

* Stephen H. …