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MID-AMERICA CONFERENCE-Secretary-Treasurer Martin L. Borton, Local 232; 17460 Fleetwood Ln.; South Bend, IN 46635; Tel: 574-220-6393

PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS OF CALIFORNIA-President Paul Castillo, Local 353; 1945 Palo Verde Ave. Suite 203A; Long Beach, CA 90815; Tel: 562-431-7334; Fax: 562-341-7344

LOCAL 1, CLEVELAND, OH-Pres. Paul Frankenfeld; Sec. Carolyn Mason

LOCAL 33, TUCSON, AZ-Pres. Don Bourque; Sec. Sara Fraker; PO Box 50745; Tucson, AZ 85703-0745; Tel: 520-591-2399

LOCAL 105, SPOKANE, WA-Sec. Elizabeth C. Lund

LOCAL 159, MANSFIELD, OH-Pres. Michael Grady; 1285 Wittmer Rd.; Mansfield, OH 44903; Tel: 419-884-1644

LOCAL 166, MADISON, WI-Pres. Brian W Whitty; 4615 Camden Rd.; Madison, WI 53716

LOCAL 278, SOUTH BEND, IN-Pres. Grant Ivory; Sec. Martin L. Borton

LOCAL 298, NIAGARA FALLS, ON-Pres. Dan Kozar; Sec. Gordon Cleland

LOCAL 433, AUSTIN, TX-Pres. Terry Hale; Sec. Bob Meyer

LOCAL 463, LINCOLN, NE-Sec. Carrie Butler Skiles

LOCAL 571, HALIFAX, NS-Eric McDow, Exec. Dir.

LOCAL 655, MIAMI, FL-Pres. Janet Clippard

LOCAL 689, EUGENE, OR-Pres. Lisa Bieber

LOCAL 529, NEWPORT, RI-Relinquished charter to Local 198-457, Providence, RI

LOCAL 770, HAGERSTOWN, MD-Relinquished charter to Local 580, Clarksburg, WV

Members and officers can access the List of Locals book online at www.afm.org/member/localsbook.htm. Information changes, such as new local officers, addresses, phone/fax numbers, etc, are updated montly on the AFM website. Officers should send information changes/updates to ofcrchg@afm.org. Change of officers and addresses will continue to be listed here each month.


LOCAL 1, CINCINNATI, OH-Anna Bukay Hannaford*, Robert Hornyak*

LOCAL 4, CLEVELAND, OH-Lee Alflen*, Herman L. Jenkins*, Clarence Jones*, Kurt Loebel*, Jack P. Moga*, Hale Smith*, Willie Smith*

LOCAL 5, DETROIT, MI-Rita Davis*, Edward Felske*, Manuel Lopez*, Terry Pollard*

LOCAL 8, MILWAUKEE, WI-Stanley Kwiatkowski*, David Martinsek*

LOCAL 10-208, CHICAGO, IL-Casimir Antosik*, Donald Banschbach*, William E. Bernardi*, Philip Blum*, Stephen S. Crane*, Henry Ferber*, Levy Green, Leo E. Jozwiak*. Yuriy Kadukov*, Arthur J. Krohn*, W. E. Paglin*, Gentry T. Peterson, John Porrazzo*, Raymond Sassetti*, Hank Tausend*, Ben Timms*, Paul Walker*, Robert O. Willems*

LOCAL 30-73, MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, MN-Kenneth S. Dubbe*, Jeffrey P. Hodapp

LOCAL 40-543, BALTIMORE, MD-Claudie Hubbard Jr*

LOCAL 47, LOS ANGELES, CA-Richard H. Anderson*, Robert L. Bogle*, Morris Boltuch*, Gordon Gimber*, Ellis Kirk*, Ann T. Popperwell*, Salvator P. Spano*, William Vargas*, Denis E. Wheeler*, Harold Wolf*

LOCAL 51, UTICA, NY-Stephen Zizzi*

LOCAL 60-471, PITTSBURGH, PA-John J. Broman*, Sidney Green

LOCAL 62, TRENTON, NJ-James D. Stieber

LOCAL 66, ROCHESTER, NY-Joseph G. Benedetto*

LOCAL 72-147, DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX-Nick Klaras, Thomas Merriman, Thomas Harvell, Mel Mai, Louis Kobus, Jack Rumbley, Olive Hays

LOCAL 92, BUFFALO, NY-Benjamin V. Baia*

LOCAL 101-473, DAYTON, OH-Carl F. Zimmerman*

LOCAL 104, SALT LAKE CITY, UT-Harold Wolf*

LOCAL 148-462, ATLANTA, GA-Eugene Rehm*

LOCAL 247, VICTORIA, BC-Louis Williamson

LOCAL 248, PATERSON, NJ-Stephen Christen, Angelo J. …