Dom Bedos De Celles: Entre Orgues et Cadrans Solaires. Vie et Travaux D'un Bénédictin Du Languedoc (1709-1779)

Article excerpt

DOM BEDOS DE CELLES: ENTRE ORGUES ET CADRANS SOLAIRES. VIE ET TRAVAUX D'UN BÉNÉDICTIN DU LANGUEDOC (1709-1779), Hans Steinhaus and Guilhem Beugnon. Béziers: Société Archéologique, Scientifique et Littéraire de Béziers, 2008. Cahier de la Société Archéologique, Scientifique et Littéraire de Béziers, 20. 200 pp., ill. euro30. Available from the publisher at B.P. 4009, 34545 Béziers cedex, France. François Bédos de Celles is the Benedictine monk remembered as an organbuilder and author of the most magnificent book on the organ ever published, L'Art du facteur d'orgues ("The art of the organbuilder"). Hans Steinhaus has long been interested in the French master, and his Wege zu Dom Bédos (2001) was reviewed in the April 2003 TAO. The current book considerably expands the earlier German title and, of course, presents material in the Benedictine's original language. Steinhaus, an organbuilder, consultant, and scholar of the instrument, is joined by Guilhem Beugnon, a local French historian, to give us the most comprehensive look yet at the life and works of Dom Bédos.

Dom Bedos de Celles: Entre orgues et cadrans solaires. Vie et travaux d'un Bénédictin du Languedoc (1709-1779) ("Dom Bédos de Celles: Between organs and sundials. The life and works of a Benedictine from Languedoc [1709-1779]") is divided into eight chapters. The first two chapters discuss the family background and life of Dom Bédos. …