Wandering & Wondering

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This mont If s artists share a love ol exploring the world around them

IN JUST ABOUT every issue of Southwest Art, there are a few things that stand out to me while Pm editing stories or selecting images. Sometimes it's particular artwork that 1 just can't stop looking at. Other times it's a quote from one of our featured artists that's especially well phrased or strikes a chord. And sometimes I realize, as the month's work draws to a close, that an unintended theme has emerged.

That's what happened in this month's issue: While doing a final review of the features and columns, I noticed that the idea of exploration appears again and again. The first instance is in our newest column, Success Stories (page 40), in which we check in with artists who appeared in our pages a number of years ago and have since gone on to successful careers. William Matthews is the subject of this month's column, and one of the things he discusses is his love of travel - his "drug of choice." Over the years he's gone to Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, and northern Africa, and he had this to say about the influence of travel on his art: "1 think to be an artist is to be a person who explores his curiosity. The most interesting people are truly the curious ones who keep searching for new ideas and elements of stimulation."

Another inveterate traveler in this month's issue is Colorado painter Kim English (page 50), who visits Europe and Mexico at least once a year with his wife, fellow artist Andi Mascarenas. …