Advancing the Educational Mission of AJS

Article excerpt

Over the years, AJS has produced hundreds of conferences, training programs, and printed educational materials forjudges, lawyers, court managers, judicial conduct and nominating commission members, scholars of the courts, and other interested members of the public. We are now proud to offer this expertise in an easy-to-use electronic forum to our members and others throughout the country and around the world - without leaving their offices or homes and at whatever time is convenient.

AJS has entered into an agreement with WestLegalEd Center to provide CLE programs on issues central to the administration of justice. Initially, many of these offerings will focus on judicial ethics topics. The first program, presented live on April 16, considered "Judicial Disqualification and Friendships with Attorneys." It, like all future programs, is available ondemand after the initial live presentation. Faculty consisted of Professor Leslie Abramson, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville, and Cynthia Gray, Director, AJS Center for Judicial Ethics. Upcoming programs include: "Ethical Implications of Political Activities by Members of a Judge's Family" (May 12); "Judicial Disqualification One Year after Caperton v. A.T. Massey Coat (June 2); and "Restrictions on Judicial Political Conduct Eight Years after Republican Party of Minnesota v. While" (June 3).

We will expand these offerings as we develop more topics and faculty on a range of issues central to the AJS mission and our expertise. Future topics may include reform of eyewitness identification procedures, new developments injudicial selection, and jury system improvements. We are most appreciative of the efforts of Dwight Opperman, our Distinguished Lifetime Director, and Tom Leighton, Vice President of Thomson Reuters, and current member of our Board of Directors, for continuing West's longtime support and partnership with AJS by helping to establish this CLE program series. …