Revised Policies at Illinois Wesleyan

Article excerpt

Illinois Wesleyan University strengthened its policies on financial exigency this spring, bringing them into compliance with AAUP recommendations. The process was led by Hans-Joerg Tiede, associate professor of computer science, who is the AAUP chapter president and also chaired a task force charged with reviewing the faculty handbook.

"AAUP policies carry a lot of weight on our campus-mainly because of the hard work of many of my faculty colleagues over many years," Tiede says. "In reviewing the handbook, I noticed that the policy on termination for financial exigency and discontinuation of programs was not compliant with AAUP policies. So I drafted a policy by copying the relevant sections of the AAUP's Recommended Institutional Regulations and made additions to some existing policies."

Tiede shepherded the policy changes through the faculty council, of which he is now chair, and, after they were approv ed by the faculty, presented the proposal at several board meetings before the boar d ultimately approved them.

Tiede is quick to credit his institution's board and president for agreeing to adopt the changes and recognizing the importance of the AAUP policies. "While Illinois Wesleyan had some painful budget adjustments this year, we were not facing serious financial problems," Tiede says. "When I discussed the proposal with the president, he agr eed that this was an opportune time to make sure that we had a reasonable policy on the books, because it was impor tant to adopt such policies when not in need of them. …