2010 National Council Election Results

Article excerpt

The process of nominating candidates to the National Council requires a coordinated effort among ten committees comprising more than 50 volunteers. The AGO National Nominating Committee ana nine Regional Nominating Committees identified 35 candidates for nomination to the 17 positions on the Council. (One candidate for regional office withdrew several months after originally accepting the nomination, requiring the Regional Nominating Committee to identify a replacement.) The final slate of 34 candidates was published in the April issue of TAO and posted on a secure Web site created by Intelliscan Inc., an independent election management firm. The Guild engaged Intelliscan to administer the election, receive the ballots, and tabulate the results.

The election was held from April 1 through June 1, The total number of ballots cast was 5,358, compared with 3,828 in the 2008 election, 3,791 in 2006, and 2,748 in the 2004 election, the first election in which electronic balloting was made available and ballots were not mailed to all Guild members in a separate mailing from TAO.

In 2010, the overwhelming majority of ballots, 4,921, or 92%, were cast electronically rather than by using the paper ballots bound into tlie issue of TAO that was sent to each voting member. …