Editor's Report to the SAEA Executive Committee, February 1, 2010

Article excerpt

1. 2009 JAAE Editorial Performance Statistics

Total number of manuscripts handled: 136

Number of new submissions: 85

Number of resubmissions: 5 1

Number of manuscripts accepted: 35

Number of manuscripts returned for revision: 66

Number of manuscripts rejected: 45

Number of manuscripts withdrawn: 1

Average turnaround time: 57 (number of days from submission to decision)

2. Changes to the Editorial Council

Four members rotate off the Editorial Council as of the February 2009 meetings. The members that will rotate out and recommended replacements are as follows:

J. Mathew Fannin replacement

Jeffery L. Jordan (Community Development and Social Capital)

Professor, University of Georgia

Denise Mainville replacement

R. Wes Harrison (Food Marketing)

Warner L. Bruner Regents Professor, Louisiana

State University A&M College

Norbert Wilson replacement

William Liefert (Agricultural Trade)

Senior Economist, Economic Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture

Ephraim Leibtag replacement

David Paniteli (Agricultural Policy)

University of Western Australia

3. The 2009 JAAE Outstanding Journal Article Award

The 2009 award covers articles in the December 2008, April 2009, and August 2009 issues. The process involved rankings by the Editorial Council. In the first stage, five council members were randomly assigned to each volume with instructions to select the best three articles. These responses were then collated to identify the top five picks. In the second stage, all 16 council members were asked to rank the top five picks. Based on this process, the winner is:

Devadoss, S., and J. Luckstead. "Contributions of Immigrant Farmworkers to California Vegetable Production." Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 40, 3(December 2008):879-84.

4. Editorial Team and Dartmouth Journals

The Vol. 41, April 2009 issue was the first to be published by Dartmouth Journals. Volume 40 was published by Allen Press. Dartmouth Journals has been contracted to publish three volumes, 41^43. Thanks are also extended to Lisa Small, Susan Rudolph, and Dartmouth Journals for their services. The new team of copyeditors, proofreaders, and production managers are very efficient and will take us to a new level in dealing with galley proofs and handling of the publication. Thanks to the team for publishing all 2009 issues on time.

Dartmouth Journals provides the editors with PDF versions of the articles published in the issues. Editors send a copy of the articles to authors and also place the volume and each issue on die AgEcon Search website. Starting in 2010, the SAEA and Dartmouth Journals have agreed to publish four issues in each volume. issues will be published in February, May, (Proceedings Issue), and November. February 2010 issue Vol. 42(1) has already been published and has been loaded on the AgEcon Search website. The August issue will be solely devoted to invited papers and other proceeding materials that are currently published in the August issue. The issue will not contain any regular peer reviewed articles.

The May 2010 issue is almost ready to go to the Dartmouth Journals for copyediting. The August 2010 issue will have six invited papers articles.

The editorial team shares responsibility for all submissions, with Jeffrey Gillespie handling approximately half of the new submissions and Ashok Mishra handling approximately the other half. Selection of an editor for a particular submission depends upon the subject area and each of the editors' schedules.

Efficiencies associated with on-line submission through Editorial Express are greatly appreciated by the new editors. The use of Editorial Express obviates the need for a secretary, as all submissions can be handled on-line. The new editorial team highly recommends continuation of the contract with Editorial Express. …