Judicial Conference Approves Pilot Project for Cameras in District Courts

Article excerpt

The Judicial Conference, at its biannual meeting in September, approved a pilot project to evaluate the effect of cameras in federal district courtrooms and the public release of digital video recordings of some civil proceedings. The pilot, which will be national in scope, will last up to three years. It will evaluate the effect of cameras in district court courtrooms, video recordings of proceedings, and publication of such video recordings. Details of the development and implementation of the pilot will be determined by the Conference's Committee on Court Administration and Case Management (CACM).

Courts that participate in the pilot will, if necessary, amend Lheir local rules (providing adequate public notice and opportunity to comment) to provide an exception for judges parti ci paring in the pilot project. Participation will be at the trial judge's discretion. Under the pilot, participating courts will record proceedings. Recordings by other entities or persons will not be allowed. Recording of members of a jury will not be permitted, and parties in a trial must consent to participating in the pilot. …