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A lot of libraries take donations of books - but hardly any of them are new enough to include in the collection. They just go into book sales. (Incidentally, almost all of the newsletters I receive from libraries tell of book sales, mostly by the library's Friends group. It's amazing how much money these book sales bring in - must be in the millions nationwide. And I'll bet that most of them find their way back to another sale. Kind of like a paid public library!)

But the Williamsburg (VA) Regional Library has put a new twist on donations. The library generates a list weekly of popular titles for which they would like donations. Readers who buy the book they want at a bookstore because they can't wait for the library's copy can then donate the book to the library if it's on the list. I imagine if it's off the list too long the donation goes to a Friends sale or the like.

Personally, I don't buy very many books - they are too expensive and I'm willing to wait until the reserve system brings them up at the library where work. …