"Baylor and Hankamer Have an Excellent Balance between Teaching and Research"

Article excerpt

"We strive to be very deliberate in capturing all the great activities that are going on in conmnunicating these accomplishments on a firly frequent basis."

As these values are manifested through policies, faculty-student relationships, collaboration among faculty, research efforts and other tangible behaviors, another output is produced, according to Van Gray, director of accreditation and planning for the Hankamer School of Business: caring.

A key component of Gray's role involves collecting input from a diverse collection of Hankamer constituents - current students, alumni, business leaders who hire alumni, and other stakeholders - as part of an ongoing strategic planning process. "One of the insights that immediately comes to the surface in these discussions," Gray notes, "is how caring and encouraging the learning community within Hankamer is."

This caring extends to relationships between students and professors, students and alumni, and professors and other professors as well.

" The mos+ fulfilling aspec+s of my experience (a+ Baylor and in Harfc-amer) have been +he ver^ona\ relationships I have developed wi+h my professors and through my ex+racurricular experiences," says Amy Wofford, who graduates this year with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. "Through these experiences, I have become a better student and person. I have also found a large business network full of opportunities and active alumni in the business world and across the globe who are ready to help us."

For her part, Hunter appreciates the care her veteran colleagues respond with when she seeks their counsel on teaching matters. "If I have an issue in the classroom or want some advice, I know I can go to any of my colleagues and talk about that," she explains. "All of them are excellent teachers, and I feel confident in approaching them because I know that they will offer good advice."

As Hankamer's mission statement and values indicate, the guidance, advice and instruction faculty impart to students extends beyond business instruction. "Many people struggle with serious life questions while they are students in the business school, or in any other university program," Gray adds. "I believe that our faculty and staff really are committed to this mission of preparing, within a Christian context, men and women for global leadership positions."

Others share the same belief. "My professors have helped me to fulfill my aspirations by supporting me and teaching me long-lasting principles," Wofford notes. …