Kaiser Study Clarifies Level of Healthcare Reform Confusion

Article excerpt

One of the bigger stories not covered in the press in 2011 has been how bipartisan bickering over healthcare reform leaves the public mightily confused. On February 24, the Kaiser Family Foundation published key findings from its Health Tracking Poll mat succinctly clear up me misinformation.

It turns out that 52% of Americans are unaware healthcare reform is still law; 22% think the law has been repealed; and 26% have no idea what's going on when it comes to heaUhcare reform. Forty-eight percent hold an unfavorable view of the law; and 43% favor it. When broken down along party lines, 66% of Democrats like me law; and 84% of Republicans oppose it.

Among older Americans, their opposition remains strong, with 59% holding an unfavorable view, which represents a 19% increase from December. This level of opposition mirrors what elders thought right after the law passed in late March 2010, and turns around what had been a lessening of opposition seen just three months ago. …