Mobile Technology and Libraries

Article excerpt

Griffey, Jason. Mobile Technology and Libraries. New York, NY, and London, UK: Neal-Schuman Publishers; 2010. (The Tech Set no. 2). 115 p. $55.00. ISBN: 978-155570-711-8.

Today's students and professionals live in a 24/7/365 digital world. They conduct their lives in an integrated, mobile, just-in-time, and point-of-need fashion. School, work, and home lives are no longer distinct and segregated facets of daily living. Libraries around the country are responding to the call for accessing information on mobile technology. The second volume in "The Tech Set" series arrives at a time when libraries are optimizing their websites and services to be displayed on smaller devices.

This is a how-to book for all librarians just setting out on the mobile access adventure or for those trying to improve an established mobile technology. The chapters cover mobile technology basics, planning, implementation, marketing, best practices, and measures of success. Each chapter provides a simple overview with ways to implement staff buy-in, use mobile cascading style sheets (CSS) code, track services, and plan for the future. …