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Hard-Drive Destruction

MBM Corp.

A new device for demolishing computer hard drives is available from MBM Corp., a company in Charleston, S.C., specializing in document-shredding machines. By physically destroying hard drives, the company's Destroyit hard drive punch permanently prevents the theft of any information from old computers and office machines that are being discarded. The device can be used on computers (desktops, laptops and notebooks), printers, copiers and cell phones.

More: www.mbmcorp.com

Mobile Mortgage Quotes


Mortgagebot LLC of Mequon, Wis., has introduced an option to allow homebuyers to receive personalized mortgage rate quotes from their bank through a mobile device. The new mobile application works with the company's PowerSite online mortgage application software. The mobile application displays interest rate, points, APRs, closing fees and monthly payments for every eligible product. Consumers receive a quote after entering only eight pieces of nonpersonal data, which do not have to be re-entered for subsequent quote requests.

More: www.mortgagebot.com

Identity Fraud Detection

iStream Financial Services Inc.

Identity fraud protection services for remote deposit capture, ACH processing, direct deposit payment and other transactions are now offered by iStream Financial Services Inc. in Brookfield, Wis. The company says the security features offered through Complete ID software, developed by ID Insight of Northfield, Minn. …