AUSA Sustaining Member Profile: Minimizer

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Corporate Structure- U.S. CEO: Craig Kruckeberg. U.S. President: MAJ Jeff McCabe, U.S. Army retired. U.S. Headquarters: Blooming Prairie, Minn. Telephone: 1-800-248-3855. Web site:

Minimizer manufactures truck fenders, bracket systems, toolboxes, custom mud flaps and truck accessories. Minimizer uses durable materials and proprietary processes to build long-lasting products that are guaranteed for life.

Minimizer's innovative truck fenders and bracket systems never need paint, never fade, never rust, never stress crack and never need polishing. The proprietary bracket system works with the fender to absorb impact and soften road vibration. Each component is made from 100 percent composite material. This is the Minimizer advantage.

Minimizer offers nearly 30 stock styles of fenders in four standard colors: black, galvanized, red and white.

Additional options are available such as diamond plate and liquid platinum, as well as a paintable coating that end users can custom paint.

The idea of a composite fender originated with Dick Kruckeberg, the company's founder. His truck had metal fenders that scratched or dented, One day, his wife drove over their Rubbermaid garbage can, and Dick easily popped it back into shape. He applied the same concept of using composite material to truck fenders, and the Minimizer was born·, the lightest, most durable, longest-lasting truck fenders, bracket kits and truck accessories in the heavy-duty industry.

Minimizer custom designs and manufactures the world's toughest truck fenders and bracket systems for military applications. By working shoulder to shoulder with the people who use them, the company develops the right product to meet the military's needs.

In 2009, after many years of research and development, the modified Minimizer PCGlOOO fender type was selected for use on the Oshkosh mine resistant ambush protected all-terrain vehicle (M-ATV). Using a modified custom mold, Minimizer was able to meet and exceed the project requirements.

The Oshkosh M-ATV is a medium-duty next-generation fighting vehicle engineered specifically for difficult missions- to move American fighting men and women in and get them out as safely as possible. It incorporates rugged, durable components and systems for maximum warfighter mobility and survivability.

The lightweight, but durable, Minimizer fenders were an excellent complement to the armed forces' urgent need for maneuverability and survivability of its soldiers. …